Hold The Candles.
Hey I'm Bente. I'm a 15 years old pierced girl. If you want to know something just ask it.
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Headhunter Master Yi

by Androoly

Photographers: David “DTJAAAAAM” Ngo and Bronson Le 


First Officer Caitlyn Photoshooting Set <3
I Love it !
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Photo : SL-Picture 


Christmas JInx!

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(Source: facebook.com)


This was me dancing in my Lion Dance Kog’Maw cosplay from Anime Expo 2013. Original video here (x). Thanks to gengar-bot and lethargiclaceration for recording it!


Tasha (Heartseeker Ashe)

belated Happy Hearts Day, Summoners!! (and yep, that was pretty fast)

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